Suraj Weaving

Suraj Cotton Mills Limited takes pride in the production of the finest quality of fabric. The manufacturing unit uses state-of-the-art looms and latest weaving technology to achieve consistency in providing best quality of fabric. Our weaving units comprise of 204 Toyota Air Jet Looms which are producing approximately 2.5 M meters of grey fabric per month. Our latest equipped loom shed consist of Toyoda JAT 810 looms.


Loom Size Qty
190 CM 108
210 CM 12
280 CM 12
340 CM 72


This unit is specialized in articles making, woven greige fabric, dobby, fabrics with counts up to 700 threads for Sheeting, Apparel, Suiting with writing selvedge and Home furnishing accessories. It can also produce all types of Stretches, Bi-Stretches, Reverse Satins, Satins, Stripes, Twills, Drills, Percale, B.F.C., Rib Stop, Herring Bone & Dobby Designing Items, etc. Our weaving unit caters to the needs of domestic as well as the international market of Europe, USA and around the globe.

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