40+ years of yarn spinning and weaving experience

High quality fine yarn counts and fabrics

Product innovation and cost efficiency

About Us

Suraj Cotton Mills Limited is a company that comprises of state-of-the-art spinning and air jet weaving machinery. Established as a Public Limited Company on December 18, 1984, the Company has four operating units located at Nooriabad (Sindh), Shahkot and Raiwind (Punjab).

Success Factors

  • We have made pioneering efforts in developing innovative products which has enabled us to emerge as a market leader.
  • We enjoy a sound market reputation as being a manufacturer of high-quality yarn and fabric in both the domestic as well as international markets.

Corporate Strategy

Maintaining our competitive position in the core business, we employ our brand recognition, unique organizational culture, professional excellence, and financial strength across our operations to create value for our stakeholders.

Business Strategy

We produce supreme quality products at competitive rates by adopting these two techniques:

Total Quality Management (TQM): Assurance of endless improvement in quality that exceed customer expectations.

Just In Time (JIT): Time efficiency with cost reduction.

Our Strengths

We are determined to materialize our vision by adopting revolutionary techniques and investing in cutting edge facilities to create a niche for our products. We shall aggressively tap into new markets by drawing strength from our corporate image and by promoting a culture that encourages initiatives at all levels of decision-making.

Core Values

We take pride in adhering to ethical business practices and in being an upstanding corporate citizen. We respect our people and endeavor to provide them limitless opportunities to realize their full potential. We recognize our responsibility to our stakeholders, communities and the nation.



Serving nation by producing best quality yarn for domestic and international markets.


Producing finest quality, one of its kind, fabric on latest and state of the art looms.

Unlocking Value for our Clients Worldwide

Our commitment to quality defines every aspect of our operations – sourcing of the finest cotton, state of the art testing labs,  manufacturing and inspection.

Our story is one rooted in an unwavering support to the people who work for our company, who in turn have a sincere focus on providing customers with superior solutions that help their businesses thrive..