Corporate Briefing Session

Session Briefing 2022-23


Investor Information

We want to keep our shareholders, investors and analysts well informed about the business. This section will provide up-to-date information with the developments at Suraj,  from the latest financial results to upcoming investor events.

Share Registrar:

Corptec Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
503 E Johar Town, Lahore.
Ph. No. 042-35170336-7



Incorporation Number:


Status of the company:

Public Limited company

Free float:

7.33 Million Shares

Company Symbol:


Suraj trades on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (

Legal Advisors:

Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khawaja


Riaz Ahmad & Company, Chartered Accountants

Pattern of Shareholding

The shareholding pattern of Suraj Cotton Mills Limited as at June 30, 2023.

Categories of Shareholders


Sr No. Shareholders Category No. of Shares Percentage
1 Directors, Chief Executive Officer, and their spouse and minor children. 12,988,159 29.27
2 Associated Companies, undertakings and related parties. 21,089,137 47.53
3 NIT and ICP 957,328 2.16
4 Banks Development Financial Institutions, Non-Banking Financial Institutions 337,180 0.92
5 Insurance Companies 16 0
6 Other Companies, Corporate Bodies, Trusts etc. 3,019,164 6.80
7 General Public 6,021,166 13.57
Total 36,671,312 100

Shareholders with more than 5 % Shareholding

Sr No. Shareholders Category No. of Shares Percentage
1 Crescent Powertec Limited 19,610,312 44.19
2 Mrs. Humera Iqbal 3,299,467 7.44
3 Mr. Adil Bashir 3,177,033 7.16
4 Mr. Ahsan Bashir 2,617,150 5.90


For detailed Pattern of Shareholding: Click Here