Weaving Profile


Our weaving units comprise of 216 Toyoda Air Jet Looms which are producing approximately 2.5 M meters of Grey Fabric per month.Not only does our weaving unit cater to the needs of the domestic market but as well as the international. We are exporting the best quality fabric to the Fareast, Europe and U.S.A.


Having both spinning and weaving units within the same premises allows us to ensure steady and consistent supple of top-notch raw material and has consequently given us an upperhand over our competitors. Moreover, it reduces the time lag experienced between order placement and initial production, therefore resulting in quick and timely delivery.


The manufacturing units use state-of-the-art looms and latest weaving techniques to achieve consistency and unprecedented quality of fabric.

Weaving Products


Suraj Cotton Mills Limited takes pride in the production of the finest quality of fabric.


Bottom wear
We weave all type of twill, drill, canvases, matt, high low cord, rib stop for all type of bottom wear.


Light twills, rib stop and fine fabric are also produced ranging from 40/1 to 100/1 (count yarn) for shirt wear.


All type of pocketing fabric is produced. Herringbone, twill and plain weave fabric is produced in basic dyed colors


Home furnishing
In home furnishing we are producing fabric which has a wide variety, ranging in qualities from T-180 to T 600. This allows us to cater to different customers with different needs


Stretch Fabric (lycra)
We weave stretch fabric for bottom wear like twill, matt, sateen & plain weave

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